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Script: Flying Witch AO Script

:: BLACK TULIP Flying Witch AO Script ::

Flying Witch AO Script at Marketplace
By Auryn Beorn (2012)



Build your broom. There it is a supplied sample, "[Black Tulip] Broom - UNSCRIPTED SAMPLE" that you can check, but feel free to build your own broom style. Set permissions for next owner adequately to your object.

Take your broom back to inventory and wear it.

For reasons that are explained in the next section, "Install and use your flying witch AO script", I suggest to do the following:

In inventory, right click over your broom object.
Select the option:

Attach To: Pelvis

Edit your broom and position it (although you may want to wait to have the poses in, for this)
Now right click over your broom object in inventory.
Select the option:

Detach From Yourself

This will save the attachment position and rotation.
Remember to do this each time you edit the broom to change rotation/position!

Since your AO script is not full permissions, you will have to rez again the broom.
Right click over the rezzed broom, select "Edit".

Drop all the poses/animations you want to use in its "Content" tab.
Drop the "[Black Tulip] Flying Witch AO Script" script in its "Content" tab.

Right click on the "[Black Tulip] Flying Witch AO Script" script and make sure that you change permissions for NEXT OWNER. The script should have either:

Copy/No Modify/No Transfer


No Copy/No Modify/Transfer

set as the permissions for next owner. Any other choice will invalidate your license of use! Remember to check always to have the most up to date license of use for my scripts (as well as other supplies.)

Set also the permissions for next owner for each and every pose/animation you drop, either in a similar fashion as explained above, or by using the permissions set batch feature from your edit window (if you don't know about this feature, read here: )

Rename as you wish and take again the broom back into inventory.

Ready to go.

Now, with the poses in, you may want to readjust the broom if needed.

Remember that an already active AO may interfere with another AO, such as this one.
Remind this to your customers, to set their AO off so it doesn't interfere with this one!

Still, although this set up is easy and quick, what perhaps is not so quick is how to design and create your own poses and animations!

Continue reading the following section, it explains why and what to do.


As you have seen, this setup was really quick!

No configuration notecards, no auxiliary scripts with extra data... Extra-simplicity on one side comes at a cost on a different side! If you have noticed, we have attached the broom to PELVIS, and the directions explained about readjusting once your broom was loaded with poses.

This means that, to have, say, compatible poses, they all should have the same values for the rotation of the hip when you design the pose in your animation program. That, of course, if you want the broom always being rotated and positioned the same! If you don't mind about the broom crossing the avatar's chest... well, then there's no need to continue reading! :-)

If you have never designed poses, you can contact with a pose-maker or an animator, explaining to them that you need the broom having always the same orientation and position, and that the broom will be attached to pelvis (so it will move with the hip).

If you decide to do the poses on your own, you will be benefited from using props in your animation tool. This is very easy to do in QAvimator. Make sure of saving your prop, position it as you would like the broom to be, attached to hip, and then make sure that all your poses will be having the same value for the hip's rotation.

Since it's not the same sitting poses than laying poses (the hip rotation may vary a lot), you can even create different broom sets to offer to your customers. This is demonstrated also in the add-on poses packages:

[Black Tulip] Flying Witch Poses #1
[Black Tulip] Flying Witch Poses #2

Why pelvis and not the right hand as attachment point?

Well, we could have decided to do this, but then you would need to take care of the broom being always in the same rotation and position, once in QAvimator (say) ... for all the poses you design, depending of how the right hand is rotated!

As you can see, this is more easy if we use the PELVIS attachment point.

The new viewers allow to ADD instead of just WEAR, so your attachment could be worn together with any other attachment they would be wearing in pelvis. Remember to add this in your items' documentation.

Any questions about using this script or designing suitable poses for the broom?
Then IM me inworld or send me a notecard. Please be detailed in both cases, so I know what you want and I can assist!