Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Script: Slide Show - One Prim

:: BLACK TULIP Slide Show - One Prim ::
:: Slide show from your pictures in inventory - Click or Timer ::

Slide Show - One Prim at Marketplace
By Auryn Beorn (2012)
(Documentation by Ansel Artful)



The purpose of the [Black Tulip] Slide Show - One Prim script is to allow you to display a slide show on the face of a prim, incorporating all the textures you install into the object, changing slides either upon touch or on a timed interval.

Owner only functions:

  • Decide if the slides will be switched upon touch or on a timed interval (via Owner menu)
  • Set the full bright property of the picture on or off (via Owner menu)
  • Set the timer interval (via a configuration notecard)
  • Set which face of the prim will display the slides (via a configuration notecard)

The documentation also includes an Appendix which explains how to optimize the LI of the builds you create with this script, when it is possible. This will be useful if, an example, you want to build a 2-prim frame. By correctly adjusting the "Physics Type" you could have this 2-prim frame in a LI of just 1.


A sample slide viewer is included so you can quickly see the Slide Show Script in action. Rez the [Black Tulip] Slide Show - SAMPLE object in a location where you have Build rights, and you will see the script in operation.


With the object rezzed and the script in operation, click on any face of the prim other that the one displaying the slides. The Owner Menu will appear in the upper right corner of your SL viewer window. You will see some information about the menu, including the current settings of the timer interval and the mode (TIMER or TOUCH). Below, you will see the following menu choices:

Touch Changes the operational mode to change slides upon Touch
Timer Changes the operational mode to change slides on the interval set for the Timer
*RESET* Resets the script in case it has stalled for any reason
Bright ON Enables the Second Life "Bright" display mode for the slides being displayed
Bright OFF Disables the Second Life "Bright" display mode for the slides being displayed


The configuration Notecard, [Black Tulip] Slide Show - One Prim ~config~, allows the Owner to set the Timer interval and select which face of the prim will be used to display the slides. The default Notecard appears as follows:

# [Black Tulip] Slide Show - One Prim ~config~
# Lines beginning by # are ignored

timeBetweenSlides = 20.0
frameSide = 0

Edit the Notecard to change the slide change interval and display side (prim face) number as desired. See the following section if you are unsure how to determine the side number of a prim.

To change the slide change interval, you would change the value assigned to the timeBetweenSlides parameter. If you assign a value less or equal than 1.0, the time will be adjusted to 30.0 seconds. You may use decimal numbers.

To change the display side, change the value assigned to frameSide. Invalid values will make this to default to 0.


Check the following section on this page, knowing that each [Black Tulip] ASSET refers to the following script:

[Black Tulip] Slide Show - One Prim

For any problem that you could have when using this script, please give a complete description of your issue in the following online form.

I'll get back to you after I have read your report and replicated your issue inworld, according to your description of it. Please, be detailed.

-- Auryn Beorn